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All Makes

The All Makes line covers greater than 98 percent of the Continental European commercial vehicle market. To learn more, select a link below.

Bedford (PDF, 88KB)
Citroen (PDF, 69KB)
Daf (PDF, 113KB)
Ford (PDF, 90KB)
Ginaf (PDF, 69KB)
Hanomag-Henschel (PDF, 88KB)
Hino (PDF, 18KB)

Iveco-Fiat (PDF, 143KB)
Iveco-Magirus (PDF, 100KB)
Leyland-Daf (PDF, 86KB)
Liebherr (PDF, 55KB)
Man (PDF, 161KB)
Mazda (PDF, 73KB)
Mercedes-Benz (PDF, 202KB)
Mitsubishi (PDF, 48KB)
Nissan (PDF, 70KB)
Pegaso (PDF, 88KB)
Renault (PDF, 154KB)
Scania (PDF, 129KB)
Sisu (PDF, 67KB)
Steyr (PDF, 99KB)
Terberg (PDF, 70KB)
Toyota (PDF, 76KB)
Volkswagen (PDF, 74KB)
Volvo (PDF, 150KB)

Bova (PDF, 48KB)
Daf (PDF, 69KB)
Evobus (PDF, 73KB)

Irisbus (PDF, 82KB)
Iveco-Fiat (PDF, 73KB)
Iveco-Magirus (PDF, 81KB)
Jonckheere (PDF, 67KB)
Man (PDF, 74KB)
Mercedes-Benz (PDF, 100KB)
Neoplan (PDF, 107KB)
Pegaso (PDF, 69KB)
Scania (PDF, 86KB)
Setra (PDF, 73KB)

Vanhool (PDF, 86KB)
Volvo (PDF, 103KB)

Special Vehicles
Daf (PDF, 68KB)
Grove (PDF, 64KB)
Iveco-Fiat (PDF, 68KB)
Iveco-Magirus (PDF, 68KB)
Liebherr (PDF, 48KB)
Man (PDF, 81KB)
Mercedes-Benz (PDF, 92KB)
Scania (PDF, 75KB)
Steyr (PDF, 68KB)

Other Catalogues
Flywheels (PDF, 485KB) Pilot Bearings (PDF, 48KB)

Symbols (PDF, 48KB)
Clutch Covers (PDF, 48KB)
Clutch Disks (PDF, 48KB)
Install 430mm (PDF, 3MB)

Cross Reference List
All (PDF, 195KB)




Eaton's Fuller clutch line is a United States-style clutch, covering U.S. commercial vehicles applications and also what is known as typical U.K. commercial vehicles applications, such as ERF, FODEN, etc. These clutches include: Solo, EasyPedal and stamped angle spring.

Whether original or replacement clutch disks, these critical drive train components are your best match together with Eaton's Fuller transmissions.

For listings of available clutches for U.K. commercial vehicles, select from the list below.

Bedford (PDF, 52KB)
Erf (PDF, 67KB)
Foden (PDF, 73KB)
Iveco-Ford (PDF, 51KB)
Leyland (PDF, 62KB)
Renault (PDF, 57KB)
Scammel (PDF, 54KB)
Seddon Atkinson (PDF, 60KB)


Return Request Form  (XLS, 65 KB)
Core Return Request Form (XLS, 72 KB)
Complaint Form (XLS, 81 KB)
Warranty Request Form (XLS, 69 KB)